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The ultimate iGaming Affiliate Management Platform to streamline your workflow, track your traffic, analyze your campaigns and maximize profits with ease.

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Elevate Your Success

The Affiliate Platform boosts online casinos and sportsbooks, simplifying affiliate management with flexible deals and real-time reporting. Optimize traffic and maximize revenue effortlessly.

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All-in-one Affiliate Management

Experience seamless control with our all-in-one platform. Manage and optimize your campaigns effortlessly from one spot.

Flexible Deal Structures
Maximize your affiliate program with versatile deal types, tiered structures, and specific qualification rules to reward performance.
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Real Time Tracking and Reporting
Stay informed with our tools for instant analytics, customizable reports, historical data analysis, and real-time pixel tracking.
Flexible API
Built on APIs, provide affiliates with financial and operational reports via API keys generated in the BackOffice. Create custom or multi-lingual registration pages for affiliates with ease.
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Multi-Level Affiliate Network
Expand your reach and grow revenue with multi-level deals, maximized reach, and real-time affiliate management.
Manage Your Payments With Ease
Effortlessly manage payouts with automatic/manual options, detailed tracking, and integration with multiple payment providers.

Use it in Any

Utilize our platform in any language, ensuring seamless integration and communication across the globe.

An image showcasing different flags. Implying the infinite amount of languages we supportAn image showcasing different flags. Implying the infinite amount of languages we support

Best support in the Industry, Ask anyone!

We offer unparalleled support with a dedicated success manager and are always available via chat, email, and Jira to ensure your success every step of the way.

Dedicated Success Manager
Your personal coach, cheerleader, and tech wizard all in one. They've got your back!
Always Available
Reach us anytime through chat, email, and Jira for prompt assistance and support.

See what our clients think

Don’t only take our word for it, see what our top clients have to say about it.

"Smartico is an essential tool for Betvip, providing a robust and intuitive platform for managing campaigns and optimizing results. With its advanced data analysis features, it facilitates precise monitoring of each affiliate's performance, allowing for real-time strategic adjustments. It is ideal for maximizing campaign efficiency and effectively achieving marketing goals."

"Our partnership with TheAffiliatePlatform has been crucial in expanding our presence in the sports betting and online casino market. Distinguished by their unwavering support and innovative solutions, they have elevated our operations to unprecedented levels. We highly recommend TheAffiliatePlatform to anyone seeking excellence and reliability in affiliate marketing."

"The TAP platform operates exceptionally well, with affiliates praising its intuitive and comprehensive toolset that significantly enhances their management capabilities. The Customer Success Managers provide outstanding support, and the partnership has yielded remarkable results, exceeding our expectations and driving impressive growth."


If you have any more specific questions don't hesitate to contact us

You’ve got two easy options: upload CSV files to our S3 bucket at intervals you choose (hourly, daily, etc.), or push data to our flexible APIs. CSV is the easiest and most popular way. Both API and CSV uploads will be logged in the backoffice for your convenience and reference of which data was sent.

Absolutely! We’ve done hundreds of migrations and have a smooth process to make the switch painless. We’ll send you a step-by-step guide, and our team is familiar with all the nuances of transitioning from various platforms.

With CSV files, it’s a breeze—just 1-2 days. API integration depends on your R&D team’s schedule. We provide real-time support via Slack or Skype to help your tech team with any questions.

You’ll have a dedicated Slack or Skype channel with our Success Team for real-time support. For less urgent issues, feature requests, or investigations, you can access our JIRA desk for easy follow-ups.

Easy! Just head to our contact page and book a live demo directly from our calendar.

We process data in real-time as soon as we receive it. If data is provided daily, the platform updates daily. It’s all about how frequently you send us the data!

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