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Manage your media like a pro

Assign creatives and media to all your partners and create personalized affiliate landing pages, mailers, and banners, all hosted by The Affiliate Platform™ with your own custom URL.

Key Benefits

Enhance your campaigns with versatile media management, multi-dimensional filtering, and comprehensive tracking for improved performance and engagement.

Versatile Media Management

Multi-Dimensional Filtering

Comprehensive Tracking

Introduce strong visuals to your marketing with banner ads.
Create targeted email templates with tracked links for affiliates.
Load banner content dynamically without affiliate intervention.
Destination Links & Landing Pages
Track traffic with segmented links by brand, type, and attributes. Create exclusive landing pages with specific offers and logos.

Dynamic Parameters

Enrich URLs with additional parameters for better tracking and customization.


If you have any more specific questions don't hesitate to contact us

You’ve got two easy options: upload CSV files to our S3 bucket at intervals you choose (hourly, daily, etc.), or push data to our flexible APIs. CSV is the easiest and most popular way. Both API and CSV uploads will be logged in the backoffice for your convenience and reference of which data was sent.

Absolutely! We’ve done hundreds of migrations and have a smooth process to make the switch painless. We’ll send you a step-by-step guide, and our team is familiar with all the nuances of transitioning from various platforms.

With CSV files, it’s a breeze—just 1-2 days. API integration depends on your R&D team’s schedule. We provide real-time support via Slack or Skype to help your tech team with any questions.

You’ll have a dedicated Slack or Skype channel with our Success Team for real-time support. For less urgent issues, feature requests, or investigations, you can access our JIRA desk for easy follow-ups.

Easy! Just head to our contact page and book a live demo directly from our calendar.

We process data in real-time as soon as we receive it. If data is provided daily, the platform updates daily. It’s all about how frequently you send us the data!