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14 Highly-Profitable WordPress Affiliate Programs

Stay ahead with instant insights and detailed analytics to optimize your affiliate performance effortlessly.

When executed correctly, affiliate marketing serves as an exceptional resource for both brands and publishers, offering a prime method for website owners and influencers to monetize their followers.

For those invested in the WordPress community, there are numerous lucrative affiliate opportunities for WordPress plugins, themes, and other relevant tools and services.

If you're a seasoned affiliate marketer or possess a following of WordPress enthusiasts, developers, or small business owners and are seeking ways to monetize your audience, continue reading for our carefully selected list of the top-performing and high-rewarding WordPress affiliate programs.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate marketing connects businesses with individuals, known as affiliates, who promote their products.

An increasing number of prominent companies utilize affiliate marketing programs to boost traffic, advertise their offerings, and boost sales.

Affiliate marketing is an intelligent advertising approach where affiliates, acting as third-party publishers, market products via their blogs, social media, or email newsletters by utilizing a specific link. If a reader clicks the link and makes a purchase, the company compensates the affiliate with a commission.

The successful implementation of affiliate marketing requires specialized software to track and generate a unique affiliate link that includes the affiliates' username or ID and UTM parameters.

This affiliate link facilitates companies in tracking referrals and attributing sales back to the correct affiliate whenever a product is purchased through their unique link.

Choosing The Right WordPress Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing stands as a proven method to earn passive income online without requiring substantial investment.

However, determining the best affiliate programs can be challenging, particularly for those new to the world of affiliate marketing.

To determine the ideal WordPress affiliate program, seek out offerings that provide value, have transparent terms, defined commission rates, and a clear refund policy.

Before committing to a WordPress affiliate program, it is crucial to consider the following factors and ensure the program meets your standards.

Commission System

What commission can you expect for every sale you refer to?

Unquestionably, you'd prefer to promote products with a higher payout rate.

Typically, the size of an affiliate commission varies based on the industry. For WordPress affiliate programs, the average commission is around 20% of the sale. Consider this as a standard when evaluating various affiliate programs.

It is also essential to understand the frequency of your payments.

Many WordPress products consist of recurring subscriptions, leading to some WordPress affiliate programs compensating affiliates with a recurring commission every time the customer makes a payment - this could be as frequent as monthly.

Conversely, other affiliate programs offer a one-time, flat fee or commission on the initial payment but not on subsequent renewals.

Product Reputation

One of the most critical factors to consider before becoming an affiliate of any product is its market reputation.

A product with an outstanding reputation and brand recognition will impress your audience, enhancing the possibility of establishing enduring affiliate relationships.

When it comes to WordPress plugins, themes, and other products, you can assess their efficiency by examining customer reviews on online forums, other affiliates' websites, their profile, and influential blogs.

Production Cost

The amount of commission or earnings an affiliate receives is contingent on the cost of the product they are promoting.

While products with high prices can offer substantial commissions, it can be challenging to persuade individuals to purchase these expensive products.

Conversely, lower-priced products are more straightforward to sell but come with reduced commission rates.

Therefore, it's crucial to make a well-informed decision.

Cookie Duration

The lifespan of a cookie is a critical aspect of WordPress affiliate programs.

Cookies, tiny data files, serve to identify website visitors in affiliate marketing by tracking affiliate referrals.

Imagine a potential buyer visits the product website through your referral link but does not make the purchase at that moment.

If the buyer returns to the website later and purchases, you still receive your affiliate commission thanks to the cookie stored on the website that tracks your referral.

However, cookies have a limited lifespan, typically 30-90 days, and if the buyer purchases before the cookie expire, you earn the profit. Keep this in mind when evaluating affiliate programs.

Audience size

The potential reach of the product you plan to promote is a crucial factor to consider.

A broad target market increases the likelihood of generating sales through your affiliations. Products that cater to a vast audience, such as website hosting, themes, and site-building tools, are ideal for affiliate marketing as they can appeal to anyone with a WordPress website. A large market equals limitless earnings opportunities.

Product Quality

Ultimately, the value of the product being promoted is a crucial factor that is often ignored by affiliate marketers.

The drive for high payouts often leads affiliates to promote anything, damaging the credibility of affiliate marketing as a whole and eroding trust in affiliates' recommendations.

However, promoting top-notch goods and services leads to better outcomes in both the short and long term. Not only is it easier to convince individuals to make a purchase, but building trust with your audience can also result in more readership, increasing the likelihood of generating future referrals.

Best And Most Profitable WordPress Affiliate Programs

Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 14 most reliable and profitable WordPress affiliate programs currently available.

1. ShareAsale

As a pioneer in performance marketing solutions, ShareAsale has been serving the WordPress community for two decades. It offers cutting-edge technology to enhance the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of your website.

Equipped with features such as real-time tracking, merchant API, affiliate API, segmentation, custom link creation, and store connection, ShareAsale's technology is specifically designed to meet the needs of affiliate programs.

In addition to providing advanced technology, ShareAsale also supports your affiliate program's growth with their Client Services Department. From affiliate diagnostics to merchant recommendations, continuing education, and training webinars, ShareAsale offers comprehensive guidance to maximize your investment.

2. SiteGround

High-priced hosting providers offer significant earnings per sale, but they can be challenging to market due to their cost compared to more affordable options like SiteGround. Beginners often don't require expensive hosting, such as the $20 monthly fee for WPEngine, as compared to SiteGround's $2.99 monthly charge. SiteGround has now become a preferred choice for its outstanding customer support and the use of the Google Cloud Platform. It offers three plans with features like caching, CDN, SSL, free migration, and daily backup for 30 days, all backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it easier to sell to potential customers.

SiteGround offers an affiliate program directly on their site, independent of any marketplaces, and approval is required to start promoting. They provide a four-tier commission structure starting at $50 per sale, and you don't need a blog to apply. You can promote links through your social media profiles, emails, and YouTube channels. If your blog focuses on web hosting content, SiteGround is the perfect affiliate opportunity for you.

3. WP Engine

WP Engine, a leading provider of WordPress hosting services, offers affordable packages to fit businesses of all sizes, ranging from small affiliates to large enterprises. Prices start at a budget-friendly $30/month for their Startup plan and are even lower at $25/month when paid annually.

What sets WP Engine apart is the bonus for affiliates - they are also the mastermind behind StudioPress WordPress themes and the Genesis Framework, included in even their basic hosting plans. This makes it easy to drive traffic through your affiliate links.

Promoting WP Engine through affiliate marketing can earn you substantial profits, with an average commission of $140 per customer. That's a potential of over $100k in a year if you make just two successful referrals daily.

WP Engine is the perfect example of how affiliate marketing can be a lucrative source of income.

4. Elementor

Elementor is a top-notch page builder for WordPress. What sets it apart is its user-friendly interface, paired with unmatched versatility.

Elementor empowers even beginners to create a stunning WordPress website in just a matter of days. This is made possible by its built-in base theme, ready for customization.

As an affiliate, you stand to benefit from a lucrative referral program. By promoting Elementor, you earn a generous 50% commission on every sale. Based on their Expert plan, that equates to $99 per referral. Additionally, with their Plus plan, you earn $49.50 per transaction.

5. Semrush

Semrush, a NASDAQ-listed company, provides comprehensive SEO and marketing data insights. Its services range from the competitor analysis, keyword research, and Amazon optimization to content marketing and helping to scale up websites. Previously, the affiliate program was offered through Berush with a 40% recurring commission rate, but now affiliates can apply through Impact and earn up to $200 per sale.

The only challenge with Semrush is the high cost of plans, starting at $99.95 per month for the Pro plan when paid annually. However, as an affiliate, you receive a $10 commission for every trial sign-up through your link. One advantage of Semrush is its compatibility with any platform, including non-WordPress sites, making it a versatile referral option.

6. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a user-friendly optimization and caching plugin for WordPress. It bridges the gap between free plugins and complex CDN setups, offering an easy-to-use solution. WP Rocket recently launched its CDN, which integrates seamlessly into the plugin, priced at $7.99 per month.

With a yearly cost of $49 per site, WP Rocket has a solid reputation, evidenced by its positive reviews. Despite its perceived niche market, WP Rocket generates a high earning per click on ShareASale and is a popular choice among affiliates.

As an affiliate, you receive a 20% commission per referral, averaging $12.64 per sale. Promote this sought-after product and see your affiliate earnings soar.

7. Astra

A lesser-known fact is that promoting WordPress themes can lead to substantial affiliate earnings. Choosing the right theme and plan is key to maximizing profits. Astra, a free theme with over 1 million active installs on, is a top choice for bloggers. Its premium version comes in three plans: Astra Pro, Essential Bundle, and Growth Bundle. With supplementary plugins like Schema Pro, Convert Pro, and Spectra Pro, convincing a blogger to purchase Astra for their website is a breeze.

As an affiliate, you receive a 30% commission on each sale, with a 60-day tracking cookie. While selling Astra Pro may only net you less than $15 per sale, the Growth Bundle can earn you over $70 per sale. Commissions are paid through PayPal when they reach $500 or when you refer 5 customers.

Astra also offers its affiliate program, allowing you to monitor sales performance through a personal dashboard by logging into your account.

8. Udemy

For something unique, let's talk about Udemy - a source for training courses not just limited to WordPress. Your audience can explore a vast range of courses related to the installation, usage, customizing, and optimization of WordPress. From the basics to advanced topics, Udemy has it all - from "WordPress for Beginners" to "Developing WordPress Themes using Bootstrap" and "SEO for WordPress."

Each course comprises instructional videos that can be accessed anytime and anywhere with the Udemy app. The price point of Udemy courses is affordable, making them an ideal choice for impulse purchases.

As an affiliate marketer, you can put together a curated list of the best Udemy courses on a specific subject to attract your audience's attention. For instance, "Top x Udemy WordPress Courses for Digital Marketers" with a brief description of each course can be a great starting point.

Note: To join the Udemy affiliate program, you need to have an account with Rakuten Linkshare.

9. LeadPages

LeadPages is a leading landing page solution that has been dominating the market for years. With its powerful features for creating landing pages, sales funnels, opt-in pages, and more, it's a highly sought-after tool.

Thanks to its well-established name and exceptional capabilities, LeadPages sells itself, making the 50% recurring commission structure all the more attractive.

As an affiliate, you start with a commission rate of 10% but as soon as you generate $50 or more in sales in a single month, your commission rate increases to 40% and eventually reach 50% as you refer more customers.

10. Cartflows

CartFlows is the ultimate solution for creating efficient sales funnels on WordPress. It eliminates the pain points of traditional cart systems by streamlining the checkout process, ensuring a smooth purchase experience for your customers.

With CartFlows, building a sales funnel is made simple - even if you're new to the concept. It's designed to be user-friendly and works with a variety of page builders, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, Thrive, etc.

In addition to basic features like up-sells and down-sells, order bumps, and cart abandonment tracking, CartFlows also offers advanced capabilities such as dynamic linking and custom fields for the checkout process.

CartFlows is a top-notch product developed by experts in WordPress, and it converts exceptionally well. Each successful referral can earn you a $69 affiliate commission. With its high-converting capabilities, CartFlows is a must-have for any affiliate marketer looking to make a profit.

11. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes offers a comprehensive set of tools to construct a professional and efficient website. With the Thrive Theme Builder, designing and modifying your WordPress theme has never been easier, directly from your WordPress platform. In addition, Thrive Architect provides a drag-and-drop page editor, Thrive Leads delivers an email opt-in solution, Thrive Quiz Builder presents a quiz plugin, and much more.

Ideal for website owners who don't want to invest heavily in development, Thrive Themes is also a profitable affiliate opportunity. You can earn 35% on new sales and 25% on recurring commissions by promoting it.

12. AWeber

AWeber's user-friendly email marketing platform is a standout in its field, offering a well-rounded set of features without being overly complex. With automatic campaign creation, workflows, and more, it's the perfect tool for both business owners and affiliate marketers.

As an affiliate, you can earn a substantial income with commissions starting at 30% and potentially reaching up to 50% with a consistent stream of referrals. Plus, the lifetime customer commissions ensure a consistent source of passive income with every referral.

13. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms, a highly sought-after WordPress plugin, offers a broad range of WordPress-based products. As a member of its affiliate program, you can receive a portion of sales based on your referral selection, ranging from 20%. For instance, the Basic License is priced at $59 and generates a commission of $11.80 for you.

The Pro License is available for $159, generating a commission of $31.80, while the Elite License, priced at $259, yields a commission of $51.20.

14. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a cost-effective and user-friendly email marketing solution loved by countless small businesses and WordPress users.

Not only is the tool itself remarkable, but its affiliate program is also incredibly rewarding. You can earn a whopping $105 for each referral which results in a paid subscription (starting at a mere $9.99/month). And that's not all - simply referring someone for a free trial also earns you $5.

Keep in mind that trial users must create a test campaign before they can be considered valid referrals. However, the requirement is minimal, with no credit card needed to sign up for the trial.

Final Words

We hope his article will help make your choice easier. Before embarking on any affiliate program, however, it is crucial to thoroughly review its terms and conditions to ensure that you receive your payments without any hiccups. While promoting these products can indeed be a lucrative endeavor, creating content that revolves around the product you are promoting can not only demonstrate your proficiency but also persuade people to make a purchase. This approach is the ultimate path to success.

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